Teaching kids to be organised

27/02/2014 14:35

people!!! I previously spent a week end helping my youngest one get
her wardrobe back under control.

Now I don't
know about you, but whenever there seems so be holidays, it means chaos for
this household. I don't dare try to tame the beast until we are settled back
into the school week routine. But School has started (applause!!!!!!!!!) and
she has been missing her organisation. Yep... you heard right.... a 7 year old
who enjoys being organised and tidy. She wasn't always like this though. This
is a skill that she sure has hell wasn't born with and though I may still walk
through the house in the dark and step on the odd lego piece (which leaves me
reeling back as if I had step on a mine not to mention the massive cursing) she
has come a long way.

The trick to
getting your children to want and enjoy this is you! yes.... you. Your
enthusiasm and excitement towards getting organised and staying organised will
rub off on them. Even if you don't really enjoy it, as long as you fake it,
they will eventually be fooled enough to think that this is enjoyable. And once
that happens, the heavens open up and the
lord strikes you down for faking!
  No. Not really. LOL Its not
really faking anyway. You're just telling the truth in advance. Because let me
tell you.... they utter joy you feel when you see your kids enjoying this on
their own will overflow your soul and spur you on to enjoy it too.

But be
warned. Kids can get pretty bossy once they have this skill. I don't know how
many times I have groaned and rolled my eyes after being scolded for leaving my
coffee cup somewhere. Then to be forced to put it where it belongs is just
sheer humiliation. But you do it because you cant argue with them. They are
right.... it doesn't belong there and I can't expect them to abide by the rules
and expectations if I don't.

First off,
the little one has a notebook and I fill it out for her regularly with items
they need to do.

Next, tackle a problem area together. Nothing builds team
work and spirit in a child than getting to spend time with a parent, share
ideas and opinions (they love it when i ask what do they think we should do),
work co-operatively and to see the end result it uplifting to their souls. They
get a sense of pride and accomplishment and really do enjoy themselves.


Enjoy organising.

Enjoy your kids.

and most of all, Enjoy yourself.

Bell xoxoxo