I'VE BEEN PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01/02/2014 22:16


Well what a fab start the year!!! I have a pintrest account the I used as a virtual inspirational board and it's also a way of tracking my ideas and things I do. Well..... Bless my soul and call me tootie fruitie but I was approached by an online magazine about one of my projects.


You talking to me?
Why would anyone want to talk to me let alone want to publish my ideas??? Must be a hoax I thought to myself lol
But sure enough.... Wholly Molly it was true and it happened!!!!


There it was!  Starring me right in the face!!! I just wanted to throw myself under the bed covers, kick about wildly and scream to the high heavens with pure excitement!!!! And did it stop there!!!! NNNOOO!!!!!! I was scrolling through the other features only to discover that I had been feature along side my most favourite idol!!!!! Alejandra Costello!!!!! OMG I COULD HAVE DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN!!!!! sweet sweet SWEET start to 2014!!!!!
I can only hope this post finds you well and fantastic.
LOVE ALL OF U OUT THERE!!!!! Xoxoxoxoxo
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