Neat & Tidy Challenge - June - Kids Room 1 - Before & After

15/06/2013 14:48

Neat & Tidy Challenge June - Kids Rooms or Spare Room

Hellooooo!!!!!! Well this months challenge is the kids rooms/spare room. And I'm thoroughly excited! Princesses room only needed some tweaking but my little mans room needs a larger overhaul as we have just changed him into another room (his man cave) 
Princesses Room Before
 Princesses Room Before
 Princesses Room After
New cupboards for more storage, Book Shelves and butterflies from a mobile I cut up decorating all her walls :) 

Pin Board on the end of her bed and a table covered with a leapfrog atlas with a storage box on wheels underneath full of train sets
Best idea I had and I have no idea why it didn't dawn on me earlier!
Hooks near her door so she can just grab Bags & Jackets on the way out. She is really using this and she isn't tipping over her stuff or running around at the last minute because she cant find her items! We aren't late for school anymore! FAB!

I know a 6 yr old with a safe may sound ridiculous but trust me, it was very necessary. As boys do with their sisters, they steal toys, money or anything else just to tick off their sibling LOL There has been no more fights since :)
She is really loving having her etch'n'sketch on the wall beside the door. Her brother writes messages to her which makes me all blubbery lol and if we are going on a trip she just grabs it with her bags on the way out :)

He WIR was bare!!!! All it had was a shelf with a rail underneath (which she couldn't reach anyway). Found these at Ikea and they fit perfectly under the existing rail :) Decorated the other wall with heaps of cute artwork for the grown up feel every munchkin desires.

And there you have a Pretty Princesses Room :D