Neat & Tidy Challenge - June - Kids Room 2 Before and After

30/06/2013 14:46

Well my little guys room is done and dusted and he is just loving his, "man cave" lol 

His room was really unorganised with definitely not enough storage. He won't leg me show you what is under the bed but I will say that behind that curtain is a pile of toys that are just thrown on the floor.

So we started with the usual, separating everything in piles, give away, throw away and everything else was sorted into different piles e.g games pile, cars, Lego etc.

He has an entrance hallway at the beginning of his room which has been great for shoe storage (no more walking dirty shoes on the carpet of his room....YAY), school bags and a notice board.

Then up went a board so I could attach various storage and change it around as he gets older without damaging my wall too much. The far left Blue row is for electrical and robotic components which he uses to make things of his own creations, next Blue row is for current projects that he is professing though. Then we have a pin board that he can put instructions on, that way the book isn't taking up table space where he is working. The yellow rows are for all things science and insect related.

Attaching jars using hose clamps was a great idea. Usually his stuff is just spread on his table.... EVERYWHERE, and since these nifty jars are in, there has not been one item on his table leaving him mor table space :)

Attached to the wall beside his work station is a test tube holder, clipboard, inspirational poster and whiteboard which he hasn't stop using since it arrived lol. It's even nice to write a message on (me telling him how much I love him hehehehe) for him to come home from school and find.

Next we put the sorted toys into two storage units from IKEA and used left over shoe storage as a dirty clothes basket with bath towel hook.

Lego, was a struggle to figure out. He wanted it to easily be accessible, keep it sorted and have it portable just in case he wanted to take it when he went somewhere.

And that's it for now - later I'll sew a curtain on the bunk bed and make a rug too. Thrilled its almost done :)

Love Bell