Neat & Tidy Challenge - July - Before

11/07/2013 14:45

July is always a busy month so I was really delighted to find this months challenge is the CAR!!!!!

Granted my car looks like a war zone but its not as large as a whole room so I am very happy and excited :)

So first thing first .... As usual......... I have to completely embarrass myself publicly. Yay for me.... NOT! 

Front row is my junk zone. It even has my knitting in the cup holder LOL my kids take forever to get to the car after school and I'm that bored I knit LOL

Now the second row - my god! I had no idea what it looked liked lol it's the kids area and I'm just focussing on running them to and from their activities, so when I opened the door to take this pic ...... Lets just say...... I was more then mortified. And upon remembering I had to share the pic.... Well..... I was ready to die!!!!

The boot - well I don't have much to say. I don't really know why it's so dirty and muddy. I only put groceries in there LOL

Stay tuned my lovelies because at the end of the month ill be showing on sexilicious beast of a Volvo!!!!!!