Neat & Tidy Challenge - July After

30/07/2013 14:44

Well it's the end of the month and its time to show off how much of a difference a little organising can do.

I own an SUV and the kids teat it like a trash can.... Then again.... My front area doesn't look much better either lol
So, last post you say the before and taaaddddaaaaaaaa......

So we are starting from the back.
Full too kit, First Aid Kit and my Boot Bag

Loving the boot bag - it's holding spare clothes, jackets, kids activity packs, pink picnic pack, leather wipes, emergency blankets, glass wipes, umbrellas, ponchos and a torch.

The Pink Pack has been long awaited with all cutlery, bowls, plates, chopsticks, toothpicks, straws and tea and coffee supplies

SECOND ROW gets so much better then the before photos in the last blog post lol
I went to Howard's Storage World and went crazy!!!!!! And I grabbed a couple of wardrobe organisers! Took out the hangers and altered the length and Presto!!!! Hand sanitisers, tissues, lip balms, nail clippers, hair brush and accessories :) as I figure out what else we need ill full in the rest of the pockets. But I must say the kids are loving it! Who would of thought they would enjoy them so much!!!! HAHAHAHAHA Mum=1 KIDS=0
Since my kids are the biggest offenders when it comes to rubbish, I repurposed an empty wipes container with a bag inside to use as a rubbish bin for them :) and it fits perfectly in the door :)
So the front was a little harder. As I do so many things that I just end up with a pile of receipts and paper drowning me out. So I got a purple plastic slip and all the paper goes in there and gets stored between seats. Now my lovely Volvo, yes..... I drive a Volvo....... And no....... I don't wear a paper bag.
Anyway, back to my Volvo, it has headphone ports where the others can listen to radios or CDs while I'm listening to something else ..... But in all the years I have owned my lovely car, I have never gotten around to putting in the headphones lol so they are finally in along with all other car chargers and the GPS in the bottom on the console.

In the top of the console are pens for on the spur of the moment notes for kids or labelling items cause they always leave everything to the last minute....... And some lipbalm...... No girl can have enough balm :)

Glove box is having a fabulous time with my out bin, wet wipes for grubby kiddy fingers, brush, deodorant (cause you always end up remembering when u already have left lol) and a letter pack - which contains, envelopes, cards, paper, notebook and sticky notes - which comes in very handy.

I don't have photos of the next thing, but I think it's a must for any mummy out there - write up on a computer, a draft note. Have, "To whom it may concern, please" and then a bunch of vacant lines before ending with "Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me on................ regards, " and put these notes within easy reach. I staple them so I can just pull off one when I need it and they sit on a ledge above the steering wheel. Cause I don't know how many times we are late from traffic or the kids tell me they were supposed to hand in an excursion form due that day, and it's so quick to just fill in the blanks as needed.

And there we have it :) one very organised and stress free mummy !!!!