I've been on an organising bender

23/11/2013 00:00

So the last couple of months have been super hectice, and today I finally got a little time to do something I love. ORGANISE!!!! I know..... I don't have a life.

I did a big overhaul in the kitchen, threw out massive amounts of food no realised it was obviously a big problem and tried to think...... How can I have this much food, have it easily accessible, unpack easily, easy to access but not too complicated.

There were two particular cupboards I paid attention too, just because they were a nightmare to find anything..... So much that we never used ANYTHING in those cupboards lol it was like the plague. Even the kids would never use it.

I have a cupboard beside the fridge that always manages to get messy within hours if being sorted. Y??? Y are there places in the house that are like that!!! It's completely infuriating. 

First point of madness..... Batteries. Ugh. Seriously. We have spend years trying to keep them organised and it never worked for long...but I think I've found the answer :)
I bought these tackle boxes from Kmart on the cheap. A couple of labels later and ta da!!!!!

Another problem with batteries is what to do with the dead ones. The kids would leave them on the shelf beside the new ones and my daughter is a big environmentalis which means no throwing in the trash but having to make a special trip to have them disposed of properly.....*sigh and roll eyes* ..... I had been using a plastic bag but that just seemed to spread itself about somehow .... Then .... Bammmm!!!!! Brain spike...... I decided to repurpose some empty disinfectant wipe containers that I had :) 


Next point of misery - medicines. Whenever someone is sick, they just never hade the energy to put things back neatly and they were all jumbled and you could never see what you had and what u were running low on. I also needed to find a solution that was potable so it could be carted from room to room when multiple family members are sick (horror). So off to the $2 store and came up with this :)
It has dividers in each drawe and the top lifts up to reveal more pockets where I can keep prescriptions and instructions with the medicine - genius - I was always loosing prescriptions and doctors notes...... Not anymore - yay

Next was the fridge..... I could of died when I realised I had to throw out over $100 in food! $100!!!! It was more then that but I couldn't bring myself to keep counting after I hit $100 for fear or a heart attack. There was no way I was letting that happen again! Problem one was the kids. They can never seem to find anything to eat and complain that there is nothing....but after today's discovery of plenty of food I realised they just couldn't see it. It was like having a 'man look'. You know.... When a guy opens a drawer ranting and raving cause he can't find the can opener only to stare blankly at you in disbelief when I walk past a grab it in two seconds lol. So I designated a drawer to each child. That way they have no need to go anywhere else in the fridge except for butter and milk. And I fill it for a week. That way, if they guts the fruit bars, then if forces them to have a yoghurt LOL yes!!! Mummy=1 : Kids=0

Next on the agenda where containers and labels. That way I could stack items and use fill the space better but I could easily keep sections separate lik raw meat etc, which is particularly handy if it leaks as you only need to clean the container. This would even make having leftovers easier cause you just need to go straight to that particular container instead of searching the entire fridge. :)

So that's my tackling attempt today :)

C ya