Belts & Bags

11/07/2014 21:01

Most of us when we think about shoes we think how lovely they are and place in a display like way. Almost like an Alter to the Sexy Shoe God. So why not do this for your bags and belts. I'm betting if you love shoes you have a few lovely belts & bags to match too :)

Now, many of you may not know this but my Walk-in-Robeis not ideal. It is just a room with 1 shelf that wraps around the top of theroom and under that shelf is a rail for to hang items....... That's it. Except forONE tall thin IKEA cupboard in there so I can store undies, pants etc.

Because of the lack of storage most of my clothes are still in boxes....... I've been in this house for 2 years and still haven't unpacked LOL But I can't justify spending the money on it yet for what I wanted it to look like in the end. I have some great plans for that room but for now I needed it temporarily functional for the basics.

And belts & bag, as few as I may have (because I still cannot unpack) was ticking me right off. I had belts rolled up in a drawer which made it time-consuming to put them away. You know..... When you try an outfit on and think to yourself, "yeah, I look good", but 10 minutes later you are putting on a WHOLE new outfit on instead, as that bastard, niggling, self-conscious voice picked at the back of your mind for so long, that you changed clothes purely to get it to shut up. Then you are left with a pile of clothes, belts & bags to put away immediately for fear of them creating a union, enticing the rest of your wardrobe to spread itself about and before you know it, your space is clutter and your stress levels are on the rise.

So I did what I usually do.

Walked in, got irritated & told myself it's just temporary.

Walked in again at another time, got irritated some more& again did a Pinocchio to myself about it just being temporary.

This happened over & over & over, until I just couldn't convince myself of the lies anymore, threwmy hands in the air and screamed, "THAT'S IT!!! I'VE HAD IT!!!!" To which myfamily has learned that if you hear those words uttered out of mama mouth, youhide and shut up, because it means either that:

1.      You are in trouble for something that you have done repeatedly and you are about to meet your maker,


2.      Mama's going to organize the stuffing out of whatever it is that is infuriating her and that means she'll be asking for a hand from any discovered, poor unsuspecting soul nearby.

 After thinning out my stash and donating the bags & belts I had decided were no longer required, I got my trustee command strips out and started hanging.

Here is my solution that has made me very happy

Seriously....... LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Bell xoxoxo