2013 Summary

30/01/2014 22:15

 Well another year has passed (thank f2@k!) and I have welcomed the new year with sheer and utter desperation lol. Is it just me or was last year pretty bad?? I cant be the only one out there drowning in the sea of life.

We did have some great highlights though.
Halloween is a favourite in our family

This year was my daughters first year in an afterschool activity (PHYSIE)

I got the best mothers day treat...... Daddy took kids and disappeared for the day lol I know it sounds selfish but I enjoyed it that much I don't care how your looking down your noses at me lol..... I had the WHOLE house to myself....... a QUIET, PEACEFUL house.... and it was all mine for a few hours...... JUST PURE & UTTER BLISS lol. The kids thought it was a great mothers day too .... they went to the Mueseum, Science Mueseum & Southbank. I think deep down they were pleased to go somewhere with out me too lol

There were trips to the Gold Coast for Ripley's Believe it or not Odditorium and Dracs Haunted house https://draculas.com.au/haunted-house ,

Southbank to watch the Riverfire festival fire works https://www.brisbanefestivalarchive.com.au/events/view/sunsuper-riverfire ,

 2 trips to seaworld https://seaworld.com.au/

& we had the absolute pleasure of being apart of the bridal part of my two high school besties.

My son, who just happens to be growing up too soon, finished primary school this year. I was a blubbering mess at his graduation. He was not impressed lol

 Not to mention getting to enjoy Christmas with some wonderful friends and their 7 children who all came to stay with us :) good food, good people, good games and lots of laughs.

...hhhmmm..... wait a minute.... why am I glad the year is gone??? Here I was thinking I'm lucky its over and yet, now after writing my blog.... I want it back!!! What an awesome year!!!! Lets see if we can top it.