I WON!!!!!!

19/06/2013 00:00



Hello Hello.

You wont believe it but I won the Neat & Tidy Challenge!!! My Monster Maniac attempt paid off! I'm so excited and ssssoooo in love with my prizes!!!! I got a heap of organising items and a gift card for Howards Storage World!!! FABULOUS!!! Now I have more things to help me stay organised and less stressed!

I am so thrilled!! and this is just the perfect nudge to keep gathering my ideas for other rooms :) I'm going to drive my family crazy this year!!!
I already have a fabulous storage dispenser (repurposed wipes dispenser that actually dispenses the bags easily one at a time) so I am going to use this instead for my craft and wrapping papers :) Once I finish reorganising my craft cupboard I will screw it to the wall.

I used these fabulous handled tubs for the kids lunch and snack food as they were spreading it EVERYWHERE in the pantry

And these shelves have created so much space in my baking cupboard.  :)
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