23/07/2013 22:13

 Today was a good day. :) a naughty day but a good day. I was supposed to be accounting and doing the books today and I got so sidetracked it was dinner time and I hadn't even started in the office lol

I went to Howard's Storage World today and used some vouchers up. I have never been to Howard's before and I must say it was FABULOUS!!!!!!! I wanted to buy ssssoooooo much, but I was able to maintain some control and composure of myself and bought a few shoe holders, soda can dispenser and a few more tubs for my frigde. 

I told myself that when I got home, I would not unpack the bag until I did my bookwork.......LIES!!!! LIES!!!! LIES!!!! ALL LIES!!! And what's worse I believed myself until I got home lol. The bag didn't even make it inside before I was violently ripping open the packaging LOL



I altered and installed 3 shoe organisers onto the back of my car seats all with matching and co-ordinating purple ribbons. And just like some sick addict, it felt GOOD. But it wasn't enough. I needed another hit.

Upstairs I went.

Totally cleaned the fridge and completely rearranged everything into the boxes. OMG - I have never seen so much room in my fridge before! I threw the can dispenser into the pantry and last but not least I took the last shoe organiser to the laundry and hung it on the back if the door for all the mending equipment and labels.

Then I spent the last half hour doing a little of the car challenge from the Neat and Tidy Challenge from Beautifully organised. 

Well that's me :) I had an absolute fabulous day :D
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