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Christmas has come and gone

01/02/2014 14:32

Christmas has gone and we are well in the New Year. This
year I didn't put away all my decorations until the kids went back to school as
it was either just to hard.... Or I was just too lazy.

  • When storing decorations you need to remember
    Having them organised in an orderly fashion
    Protection from damage
    Sealed to keep critters and insects out
    (especially if they the decorations are stored in the shed)

Having these in mind, tackling decoration organization
should be a synch! First you'll sought by item (baubles to tinsel etc.), colour
& size just to get a generally idea of the size you're going to be taking

Then decide what you're going to use to store them in. I
found 2 toolboxes at Bunnings on special and some PVC Piping with ends.


First the Toolboxes.

Toolbox 1:

I cut board to size and hot glued clear plastic cups on
them. That way my baubles can be seen clearly and the risk of damage is
reduced. You can just lift the tray out to get to the next level. I also intertwined
the tinsel between the cups too. Don't forget to organise by colour!!

I have that many baubles and tinsel I completely filled the
tool box LOL

Onto Toolbox 2:

This was going to store a variety of items. I used cut cardboard
to create dividers and section the toolbox into sections. First section was
going to house delicate and/or sentimental items. Any small items can be placed
into egg cartons and the rest can be placed into ziplock bags blown up with air
to create cushioning around the item.

Section 2 took sentimental items which I wrapped in paper and
other things I could use for cushioning (keep wrapping paper that's left over
from unwrapping presents for this task.

Section 3 has Christmas light decorations and tinsel shoved
in between for cushioning.

Then I just seal them up with duct tape around the edge of
the lid to make it water proof and critter proof. (Don't forget to label them
and write down the itinery in your home log book)

Note: you can also screw wheels to the bottoms of the box to
make it easily transportable from decorating location to decorating location.

Next the PVC Pipping.

Christmas tree storage used to drive me bananas but now it
just slides into the tube and screws shut meaning it takes up far less space
and is sealed! I also made a tree for our outside wall out of braches we had in
the yard. I have also placed these into their pipe.

Happy Organising People!!!!
Bell xoxoxo

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An Organised Aussie

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Christmas has come and gone

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Christmas has gone and we are well in the New Year. Thisyear I didn't put away all my decorations until the kids went back to school asit was either just to hard.... Or I was just too lazy.When storing decorations you need to remember Having them organised in an orderly fashionProtection from...
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