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S.O.S Lost Socks!!! Mayday Mayday!!!!

11/03/2014 13:33

Socks................well..................where do I start?...............What do I say?

Socks have been the bane in this family. My poor man
nightmare too. Apparently he never had this sock problem until I came along
although, I beg to differ. If your ALL your socks are the same colour and look
identical it's hard to have an odd one. But that argument is for another time.

I absolutely loathe laundering! It's just underneath cooking
which ranks at number 1. I don't mind cleaning and I L.O.V.E organising but
hate cooking and laundering!!! Why do I hate laundering!!!!! I'll tell you

I have a lovely sized laundry, styled in country charm to
which I have adorned this space with charts and decorative organised bottles
for various detergents. There are 6 baskets on wheels for easy sorting and 2
drying racks so I don't have to carry heavy baskets up and down the stairs nor
do I have to rack up the power bill with the dryer. There are charts for
bottles as they are colour coded, charts for washing machine programs and a
weekly chart for what is to be washed on that particular day of the week. There's
a spot for folding with our (Daughter and I) Flip'n'Folds and a pretty red
country soaking bucket too.

Now this sounds functional ........ don't get me wrong .... It's
very functional......... It's a fine tuned engine that purrs like a kitten...............................
as long as no mere male ventures in there, and when they do they are made to
return the laundry to the same state I left it in LOL

The men in my household are the reason I hate laundering. It
really can get a girl down when you walk into your happy room and find they
have just thrown things on the floor instead of sorting into CLEARLY labelled
baskets, or discovering they have left a mess on your folding table or finding
their odd socks and jocks lying on the floor at the base of the washer or drier
as it seemed to have grown legs and wriggled out of their arms as they refuse
to use a basket cause they are what they call, "real men". PFFTTT!!!! Give me a
break LOL

Anyway. When I would find these socks I would put them on
the folding bench in hopes that the boys would discover them and return them to
their mates instead of leaving them there broken heart missing their companion.
Well..... this doesn't happen. Not to mention they are in my way when I fold until
the next week when the boys return on their wash days. So... I decided this wouldn't
do. No longer was I going to wonder if the flint in my drier was the cremated
remains of socks! No longer was I going to have my folding bench cluttered! No
longer was I going to allow men to create Kaos in my laundry in an attempt to
get me to do it for them!!! NO!!!

So I went to Bunnings and made these.

I couldn't be happier!!!! My floor is no longer littered
with half souls wallowing in anguish over their missing partners and my folding
bench is free from sock carcasses.




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S.O.S Lost Socks!!! Mayday Mayday!!!!

11/03/2014 13:33
Socks................well..................where do I start?...............What do I say?Socks have been the bane in this family. My poor mannightmare too. Apparently he never had this sock problem until I came alongalthough, I beg to differ. If your ALL your socks are the same colour and...
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