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Welcome to Down The Rabbit Hole!

 This is a page about my journey down the rabbit hole into the world of wonderland. It's all about me, my crazy life and crazy family. I am a mum of a tween boy and a 7 going on 17 little girl who are my absolute reason for breathing. I love to be loud, opinionated and I am constantly immersing myself in progress of organisation, life, career, family and the soul. I live for organisation and growth in all aspects of my life, no matter how small or ridiculously funny.

My goal is to support you and your life through laughs, giggles and information. I connect with people from all regions in order to find the most valuable ideas, deal with critical challenges and ultimately transform myself and hopefully you along the way. I invite you not to stumble down the rabbit hole, but to free fall open heartedly.

I believe that for today's world the key to growth is to build your own core competencies, while being able to rest assured that your back end and activities are being handled by trusted hands. I hope to engage my viewers, readers & clients as partners in their endeavors. Giving them the support they need so they can focus more on their own passions that drive their fire within.

I look forward to your free fall down the rabbit hole. 


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